2015-2016 Alumni

Matthew Alonso

Department Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Ryne Beeson

Department Aerospace Engineering

Henry Duwe

Department Electrical & Computer Engineering

Daniel Elg

Department Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering, PhD December 2016

Zak Estrada

Department Electrical & Computer Engineering, PhD December 2016

Daniel Herber

Department Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering, PhD December 2017

Nicole Johnson

Department Material Sciences & Engineering, PhD December 2018

Sohan Kale

Department Mechanical Science & Engineering, PhD December 2016

Gavin Krishnan

Department Aerospace Engineering

Yanfen Li

Department Bioengineering, PhD August 2018

Rachael Mansbach

Department Physics, PhD August 2018

Landon Marston

Department Civil & Environmental Engineering, PhD May 2017

Megan McGovern

Department Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering

Matthew Sinclair

Department Computer Science, PhD December 2017

Kaitlin Tyler

Department Materials Science & Engineering

Megan Witzke

Department Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering