MF3 Academy Requirements

The Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) Program is a one-year program for senior PhD students (who have passed their qualifying exam) to facilitate the training of the next generation of engineering faculty in research, teaching, and mentoring.


2023-2024 MF3 Program Syllabus

Program Meeting Time and Registration Requirements

The MF3 Program meets every Friday from Noon to 12:50 pm during the fall and spring term. All Mavis Fellows must maintain a full-time status and register for ENG 591 MF3, which is a 1 credit hour course, for both semesters.

Students are expected to attend all class sessions unless there is a documented reason for your absence. Please email Diana Gonzalez ( in advance to seek approval. Students may only miss one class during each semester without advance approval. Fellows will be required to complete a make-up assignment and submit a signed Mavis Make-Up Seminar Form for each missed seminar. To earn a satisfactory grade, fellows must complete all assignments.

Mavis Faculty Mentor

All Mavis Fellows will secure a faculty mentor to meet with on a regular basis throughout the year. The faculty mentor is another resource to seek advice when completing the requirements of this program. Fellows must complete the Mavis Faculty Mentor Form by September 15.  Both mentors will be a great resource in helping fellows build their academic portfolio and skills.


The following assignments must be submitted as a single PDF (include a cover page with your name, UIN, and a list of completed assignments) in Canvas by April 26, 2024.

Part 1. Prepare and submit a partial faculty application, including the following materials:

  • CV
  • 3-page Research Statement
  • 2-page Teaching Statement
  • 1-page Diversity Statement

Part 2. Complete ONLY two (2) additional activities of choice, each from a different category listed below.

Research Category

  • Research Talk: Prepare and deliver a 20-minute research talk designed to be presented for a diverse audience, including outside of your area of research. You will present this talk to your peers from the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows program. Please inform Laura Reiter by March 1, 2024, if you plan to complete this assignment.
  • White Paper: Identify a funding opportunity through a funding agency relevant to your research area and prepare a two-page White Paper to respond to the opportunity

Teaching Category

  • Observation of Teaching by an Instructor: Identify an instructor from the list of Teachers Ranked as Excellent in your department, observe their instruction for one week, and write a two-page summary of your observations
  • Observation of your Teaching: Arrange to teach a class session or a mock lesson that is observed by a faculty member. Discuss the observation with the observer and write a two-page essay reflecting on the teaching experience and the observer’s feedback
  • Take a course that would develop your teaching skills (e.g., EPOL 554, College Teaching). MF3 staff will confirm your course completion.
  • Facilitate training sessions at the Graduate Academy for College Teaching, a required pre-semester orientation for new teaching assistants offered through the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Contact Lucas Anderson ( by November 1, 2023, if you are interested in serving as a facilitator for the January 2024 Graduate Academy.

Mentorship Category

  • Mentor a Student: Mentor an undergraduate or a less experienced graduate student in your lab and write a two-page reflection paper over your mentorship experience
  • Mentorship Statement: Prepare a one-page Mentorship Philosophy statement on how you would mentor students in your research group as a future faculty member

Communication Category

  • Job Talk: Prepare and deliver a 20-minute job talk. You will present this talk to your peers from the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows program. Please inform Laura Reiter by March 1, 2024, if you plan to complete this assignment.
  • Communication Course: Take a communication course (e.g., ENG 598, STEM Writing: Practice/Pedagogy, etc.). MF3 staff will confirm your course completion
  • I-Program: Complete one of I-programs offered through the Illinois Leadership Center (recommended programs: Inclusion, Intersect, or Imprint) and provide a copy of a certificate of completion)
  • Communication Workshop: Identify and attend a workshop on communication (look for workshops through the Graduate College or the Writers Workshop) and write a two-page reflection paper.

Overview of Program Topics

Here is a sample of the topics that will be covered in the MF3 Academy during the academic year. For more details, see the Academy Syllabus.

  • How to be a Good Mentor and Mentee
  • Life as a Faculty Member
  • Learning how to Handle Difficult Situations
  • Preparing Application Materials for a Faculty Position
  • The Faculty Interview Process
  • Giving Effective Research Presentations
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Tips to be Successful as a new Faculty Member
  • Tenure Process
  • Balancing Teaching, Research, and Service

Learning Objectives

As a result of participation in the MF3 Academy, a Mavis Fellow will:

  1. understand the different responsibilities of a faculty member – teaching, research, and service.
  2. understand how to be an effective mentor.
  3. understand how to become an effective teacher.
  4. understand how to become an effective researcher.
  5. become knowledgeable on activities that strengthen an application for an engineering faculty position.
  6. receive guidance on how to search and interview for academic positions.
  7. connect with Mavis Alumni and faculty within the The Grainger College of Engineering.