Conference Travel Policies

MP910216416MF3 Fellow may request travel funds for an educational conference by submitting the Mavis Conference Travel Form. Students may receive up to a $300 for travel (pending available funds).  If request is granted, these funds can only be used solely to support the attendance at an educational conference during the year as a fellow: August 16 to June 30. Prior to making any arrangements to attend a conference, fellows MUST seek prior approval.  Approval forms must be submitted to Rhonda McElroy in 400A Engineering Hall or via email.

Possible Conferences to Attend

Reimbursement Process

Travel awards will be deposited directly into your student account. Fellows must submit original receipts within 14 days of completing travel.  Please note if there is an outstanding bill to your student account, this obligation will be fulfilled first.  Students will receive the travel awards when they return from conference by submitting their original receipts to the Office of Engineering Graduate, Professional, and Online Programs. To be reimbursed after travel and submit your receipts, please contact Kathy Reeves or stop by her office, 401 Engineering Hall.

NOTE: If you are sharing a hotel room with another Mavis fellow, please make sure to ask the hotel to split the bill and charge each student for his or her portion of the room. We cannot reimburse one person for the entire bill of a shared hotel room.